Sainthood For Pope John Paul II Draws Opinions In Houston

Pope John Paul II speaks after he was honored with the Medal of Freedom in June 2004, presented during his audience with President George W. Bush and Laura Bush. [White House image]
The news that Pope Francis cleared the late Pope John Paul II to become a saint made some waves here in Houston too. Here's what local Catholics have to say about the decision.

Dalia Diaz goes to the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Houston every first Friday of the month. She says in her opinion, John Paul II should have been called a saint a long time ago.

“Because he was helping and making or doing miracles before he died, because he was a saint really since he was alive.”

Today the current pope — Pope Francis — approved a miracle John Paul needed to be canonized. In order to become a saint, two miracles need to be attributed to a person.

Father Jesudoss Thomas from Tyler says Pope John Paul was an inspiration to him as a priest.

 “And he also taught us through his own sufferings that sainthood involves bearing our daily cross with humility and with courage, not to be afraid of sufferings but to look up to Jesus who suffered on the cross for us.”

John Paul II was the head of the Catholic Church from 1978 until his death in 2005. He is often remembered for exciting many young Catholics for their faith and his role in the end of Communism; but also for the sex abuse scandals that occurred in the Catholic Church during his papacy.

He’s now expected to be canonized before the end of the year.

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