Immigration Agents Collar Illegal Immigrants Working at a Doughnut Factory

Federal agents raid a large Shipley Do-Nuts facility on Houston's north side, and arrest undocumented workers. But one Hispanic activist thinks it creates an even bigger problem down the road. Pat Hernandez has the story.

Agents from immigration and customs enforcement were assisted by Harris County sheriff's deputies in the raid at the Shipley manufacturing process center on North Main. In a prepared statement, ICE special agent Nina Pruneda says it was a worksite enforcement operation.

"Early this morning, ICE Houston agents executed a federal search warrant at a local business that resulted in the arrest of 20 males believed to be working in the country illegally. This morning's enforcement action is part of an ICE ongoing investigation. The investigation continues."

This morning's raid, said to be the largest ICE operation in Houston this year, was planned after it received information that illegal immigrants were working at the Shipley facility.

Rick Dovalina, immediate director for LULAC, The League of United Latin American Citizens, thinks the action was unnecessary.

"Most of the public doesn't understand that they're families involved. They all have husbands or wives and they all have kids. So, it creates a bigger problem than just deporting twenty or thirty people."

Similar ICE raids were being conducted around the country. Meanwhile, unrelated to the worksite enforcement operaton, federal agents raided Pilgrims Pride poultry plants in five states in a crackdown on an alleged scam to provide fake IDs for illegals.

Pat Hernandez, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

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