Voters Run from Run-Off Election

It appears most Harris County voters have either forgotten or don't care that today is primary run-off day. As of earlier this afternoon, only 4,000 votes had been cast in the run-off.

That comes as no surprise to Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman. She says elections officials expected the low-turnout.

"I just think generally voters are more attracted to top-of-the-ballot type candidates and of course they get a lot more advertising and a lot more to get their attention."

Kaufman says voters who didn't vote in the primary can still vote in the run-off. She says voting locations are most likely different than they were in March.

"You can't assume that where you voted in March is going to be open today. Most likely, it will not be and you need to either call my information line, 713-755-6965, go to on the web and we've got a streaming button there to click on and find your polling place."

The run-off races include the contest between 22nd Congressional District Republican hopefuls Shelley Sekula Gibbs and Pete Olson. The winner will face Democrat Nick Lampson in November. Also, GOP Harris County District Attorney candidates Kelly Siegler and Pat Lykos face-off in today's run-off. The winner faces Democrat C.O. Bradford in November.

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