Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Law enforcement agencies in more than 200 jurisdictions across Texas are getting ready for the second annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup starting Saturday. Officers will be fanning out to arrest people with unpaid traffic tickets and outstand warrants, as Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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Houston is one of dozens of jurisdictions that'll be sending officers out to arrest people who, for whatever reason, have never bothered to pay their traffic tickets and other citations. Counties, justices of the peace and municipalities of all sizes will also be doing it. Houston Municipal Court spokeswoman Gwen Goins says they're targeting Class C offenses punishable by a fine but no jail time.

"Moving violations, running a red light, citations that were issued that were ordinance related, you know, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, those kinds of offenses."

But not including parking tickets. That's a different category. Goins says people should contact the jurisdiction they owe money to and then pay up before Saturday. City of Houston offenders can pay online at the Houston TX dot gov, they can call 311 and pay over the phone with a credit card, they can pay by Western Union, or they can pay in person at any municipal court substation. Just don't ignore this she says.

"It's not something that should be ignored. As a matter of fact that's the worst thing you can do is ignore it because it's only going to get worse, your fines are not gonna go away."

Those who don't pay stand a good chance of being arrested, and Goins says police know where they live and where they work, and they'll be arrested wherever they are. The Great Texas Warrant Roundup starts Saturday, and in Houston at least, it'll go through the end of the month.  Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.