The Front Row, 1/16/2008

The Owl, featured on "New Music by Texas Fusionists"
Pianist Alejandro Vela performs in Studio 3-C. He presents a joint recital along with pianist Rufus Choi this Friday night at MECA. We also hear from Adam Tendler, Thomas Helton and Richard Power in anticipation of the concert, New Music by Texas Fusionists. Among other things, patrons will be able to experiece the sounds of an invented instrument known as and Owl which has been created by one of the guest artists on the concert. . .

Adam Tendler is the Artistic Director of the Foundation for Modern Music. He has collaborated with Thomas Helton of Third Coast Noise and composer Richard Power for a concert of New Music by Texas Fusionists. It's this Sunday evening at 7:30 at Ovations.  Listen  Download

Pianist Alejandro Vela is the Artist-in-Residence at MECA - Multicultural Education and Counseling through The Arts. He and his former Julliard classmate Rufus Choi will perform a joint recital of Romantic Keyboard Favorites this Friday evening at the organizations headquarters at 1900 Kane St.   Listen  Download

Actors Julie Boneau and Alan Hekner are two-thirds of the cast of the TheaterLab Houston regional premier production of Bryony Lavery's psycological drama, Frozen. Performances run through February 9th at the company's playhouse at 1706 Alamo St.  Listen  Download