Local Program Helps Reduce Crime in Neighbornoods

A program that proactively targets crime hot-spots along the Interstate 10 Corridor on Houston's East Side is paying dividends and is now moving into area neighborhoods. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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The program is called Keep Houston Safe and kicked-off earlier this year, concentrating police patrols mostly around businesses along I-10. That effort has already helped reduce crimes like burglary and stolen vehicles by more than ten percent. Now, HPD Captain Dale Brown says patrols are moving to nearby apartment complexes.

"Our problems out here pretty much are around auto thefts and burglary of motor vehicles and then they're around burglaries, burglaries of businesses, burglaries of residences and so we're trying to be very proactive in addressing those and raising the awareness of the citizens and getting to actively participate with us to the degree that they can."

At the Coolwood Oaks apartment complex, manager Rhonda Adams says she's glad to see the HPD presence before crimes happen, not just after.

"I think with Houston Police Department, the city is so overwhelmed with crime at this point and that it does take such a long time for the police department to respond that any activity like today will encourage the residents to understand that they are working for the residents and not against them."

HPD says nearly 4,000 area residents have signed pledges to participate in the Keep Houston Safe campaign and promise to work to reduce crime in their neighborhoods.  

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