The Front Row, 10/12/2007

Pepe Romero
Guitarist Pepe Romero stops in the the KUHF Studios today. . .He isn't bringing his guitar but he will talk about his Houston recital, his music and a new recording project with TFR host Dean Dalton. We also hear from Jazz saxophonist Woody Witt and his Quintet as they prepare for a series of performances and recording sessions at Cezanne. . .

Pepe Romero chats about his music, upcoming concerts and recording sessions with TFR host Dean Dalton. Romero will play a recital tomorrow evening for Guitar Houston. It's at 8:00 at Emerson Unitarian-Universalist Church, 1900 Bering Dr.  Listen  Download  

Keyboard Player, Composer and Music Director Jorge Gomez of Tiempo Libre discusses his band and their music with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson. The band performs tomorrow night at 8:00 at Miller Outdoor Theater as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.    Listen  Download  

Jazz Saxophonist Woody Witt and his Quintet gather in the KUHF Performance Studio with KUHF's Eric Ladau. Witt and his ensemble are preparing for a series of concerts and recording sessions tonight at tomorrow night at Cezanne.   Listen  Download