The Front Row, 10/03/2007

Cellist Barrett Sills in Studio 3-C
Barrett Sills plays music for Solo Cello in KUHF's Performance Studio as we hear about the concert "Wired Bach" that he and other members of Ars Lyrica Houston will be performing on Saturday evening at St. Philip Presbyterian Church. sills is joined by Artistic Director Matthew Dirst . . .

Steina and Woddy Vasulka are considered to be the "Godparents of Video Art" and are the recipients of the 2007 Aurora Award. They chat about the work and the award with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson.  Listen  Download   

Cellist Barrett Sills plays music for his instrument by J.S. Bach. He and Artistic Director Matthew Dirst talk about the concert called Wired Bach which Ars Lyrica Houston presents this Saturday evening.  Listen  Download  

TFR Producer Bob Stevenson chats with Director Eileen J. Morris and actors Detria Ward and Byron Jacquet about the Ensemble Theatre production of Charles Randolph-Wriht's play, Blue. Performances run through October 21st. Listen  Download