The Front Row, 07/23/2007

Dr. Israel Hod is an Israeli physician who is also a singer and recognized expert on the subject of traditional songs in Ladino, the ancient language of the Spanish Jews. We'll hear from Dr. Hod and sample some of his recordings. We also discuss the exhibition, RED HOT - Asian Art from the Chaney Family Collection . . .

Dr. Israel Hod, although by profession a physician, is known throughout his home country of Israel as an authority on and performer of traditional songs in the Ladino language of the Sephardic Jews. While he was visiting Houston recently, under the sponsorship of the Israeli Consulate General, he spoke with KUHF's Bob Stevenson.  Listen  Download 

KUHF's Catherine Lu talks with Museum of Fine Arts Curator Alison De Lima Greene about the exhibition Red Hot: Asian Art Today from the Chaney Family Collection. Listen  Download