The Front Row, 05/10/2007

Maggini String Orchestra
The Maggini String Orchestra stops into the KUHF Performance Studio today. They bring music by Grieg and Tchaikovsky in anticipation of their upcoming concert in the Hobby Center. We also hear from performance artist Andre Gingras about his latest dance piece which speculates on what current experimentation in genetic engineering could lead to . . .

Artistic Director Matthew Dirst talks with TFR host Dean Dalton about the very virst sacred oratorio written by Handel. Ars Lyrica will perform La Resurrezione this Sunday evening at Saint Phillip Presbyerian Church.  Listen  Download   

The Maggini String Orchestra performs music by Tchaikovsky and Grieg in the KUHF Performance Studio. Their season finale concert called Serenade happens this Saturday night at the Hobby Center. Listen  Download   

Choreographer-Dancer Andre Gingras talks with KUHF's Catherine Lu about his latest piece CYP17. Performances are tomorrow and Saturday at DiverseWorks.  Listen  Download