The Front Row, 04/30/2007

Mauro Bigonzetti
Dominic Walsh taks about the program Made in Italy, which will be the grand finale of his contemporary ballet company's performance season. It includes te U.S. premiere of a major work by groundbreaking Italian choregorahper Mauro Bigonzetti. We also hear from actor Jim Brochu as he discuss his relation ship with the late Zero Mostel. Brochu stars in the one-man show Zero Hour which is currently on stage at Stages Repertory Theatre . . .

Dominic Walsh and Domenico Luciano talk about this season's final progrma from Dominic walsh Dance Theater. The season finale includes the U.S. premiere of a major work by the iconic and innovative Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonsetti.   Listen  Download  

Stages Repertory Theatre presents Jim Brochu in, Zero Hour, his one-man tribute to the lare comedian and actor Zero Mostel. Brochu discusses his work and relationship with Mostel with TFR host Dean Dalton.  Listen  Download   

Sarah Gish is the editor and publisher of the The Summer Book. She and composer Michael Rmeson of the American Festival for the Arts talk about opportunities for the kids during the summer in Houston.  Listen  Download   *Extended Interview*