The Front Row, 04/26/2007

Linda Olsson
We meet Swedish-born, New Zealand residing author, Linda Olsson, whose first novel, "Astrid and Veronika," a tale of love, loss and friendship, has captured the hearts of readers in all six of the countries where the book has been published. We also help launch a brand new opera company as we're joined in Studio 3-C by singers in the Lone Star Lyric Theater Festival . . .

Founder and Director Betty Devine of the Houston Choral Society talks with TFR host Dean Dalton about her ensemble's upcoming Euopean tour and the related preview concert which happens this Saturday evening at the Foundry United Methodist Church.  Listen  Download  

Singers from the Lone Star Lyric Theater Festival gather in the KUHF Performance Studio as they prepare to launch the latest operatic venture in the city of Houston.  Listen  Download  

Author Linda Olsson chats with TFR Poducer Bob Stevenson about her book Astrid and Veronika. It's the best-selling first novel in the history of its venerable publisher Penguin Books.  Listen  Download