Ground Broken on New Building at UH Sugar Land

A new $35 million, 145,000 squre foot academic building will soon be going up at the University of Houston System Sugar Land campus, the latest addition to a growing academic center in Fort Bend County. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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This will be the second major building on the Sugar Land campus, located just south of Highway 59 on 260 acres near the Brazos River. The original building opened in 2002 and the new one should be complete by the fall of next year. Univerity of Houston Victoria President Tim Hudson oversees the Sugar Land campus.

"The building is a basic academic building. We need offices for our faculty. They now don't have offices many of them. We need classroom space for the students. We need lab space for our nurses, for our biologists and an auditorium that we can use for community events, so we're excited about this building."

Most of the students enrolled at UH Sugar Land attend evening classes, working on various graduate degrees. University of Houston President and system chancellor Dr. Jay Gogue says the new building expands what the campus can offer.

"It gives us more space, but it also allows us to begin to look at some different mixes of degrees that we offer. We have about 32 or 33 degrees. The completion degrees, baccalaureate or masters degrees, but we know have some capabilities to bring some other types of degrees. One that we're talking about is hotel restaurant degree. The other deals with construction management."

The new building could allow for several thousand additional students and has the potential to create 200 new jobs. Great Fort Bend Economic Development Council CEO Herb Appel says the UH Sugar Land campus is the cornerstone of new development.

"The educational attainment levels of the citizens in Fort Bend County is over 40 percent of the adult population having bachelors degrees or greater. That is in the top one or two percent of all counties in the United States, so having an educational institution as a base for the future is really important to a county that will be a million people in 20 years."

The building will feature 50 new classrooms, a bookstore and a student lounge. You can find out more through a link on our website,

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