The Front Row, 04/17/2007

Nathalie Handal
Two acclaimed women writers from very different cultural and ethnic backgrounds stop by the program today. Nathalie Handal talks about Arab Women in Poetry and Performance and Helena Maria Viramontes reads from her novel the Dogs Came With Them. We also hear new music for a pair of french horns which is featured on the next Foundation for Modern Music concert . . .

Palestinian poet, author, playwright, driector and producer Nathalie Handal discusses Arab Women in Poetry and Performance. She lectures tonight at Rice University.  Listen  Download  

Hornist Thomas Bacon, Narrator James Graber and pianist Stephen Jones play some of the music featured on the next Foundation for Modern Music program called A Children's Concert for Adults Only.  Listen  Download  

Mexican-American writer Helena Maria Viramontes talks about and reads from her novel, Their Dogs Came With Them. It's published by Atria Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster.  Listen  Download