The Front Row, 04/10/2007

Daniel Bernard Roumain
Violinist, Composer and Band Leader Daniel Bernard Roumain creates music that is a unique blend of contemporary classical, jazz, funk, rock and hip-hop. He and his group The Mission appear this Friday night at the Wortham Center. On today's program Daniel talks about his music and interests with KUHF's Chris Johnson . . .

Nova Arts Project Managing Director Amy Hopper and Artistic Associate Bernardo Cubria are members of the ensemble who developed and will perform the company's new Tragedia dell'Arte production, The Lamentable and Tragick Tragiful Tragedy of "The Ambassadors," A Tragedy of Tragical Proportions. They discuss the production with KUHF's Catherine Lu.  Listen  Download   *Extended Interview*

Violinist/Composer Daniel Bernard Roumain talks about his musical interests and philosophy with KUHF's Afternoon Concert host Chris Johnson. His groub, DBR and The Mission plays this Friday night at the Wortham Center for Society for the Performing Arts.  Listen  Download   *Extended Interview*