Gonzales in Houston for Internet PSAs

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stopped in Houston to debut a series of broadcast public service announcements to raise awareness about exploitation of children on the internet. Houston Public Radio's Ed Mayberry has more.

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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced a broadcast campaign to combat sexual abuse of children from online predators. The radio and TV spots are designed to educate teens about potential dangers of sharing photos or personal information online.

"(beep) That's the sound of your classmate receiving an attachment of you, posing in your underwear...(beep)...the picture arriving in the inbox of your school's football team...(beep)...of your mom's co-workers...(fades)..."

Gonzales says the "Think Before You Post" campaign reminds teens that anything posted online can be seen and downloaded by anyone.

"We want to educate our kids, to prevent these crimes from even happening in the first place. and so a very important component of Operation Safe Childhood is education and prevention."

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children says the campaign targets teenagers--particularly teen girls--exploited in the multi-billion dollar child pornography industry. Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio News.

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