Metro Wants Feed Back from Public

The Metropolitan Transit Authority has narrowed the options for rail on the University Line to six alignment options. There are three options for east of Main Street and three for west of Main Street. Two of those options go along Richmond.

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Metro is holding meetings today and tomorrow to get feed back from the public. Spokesperson George Smalley says they are now to the point of developing a draft environmental impact statement on those options.

"We take into account traffic, noise, vibration, safety, parks, proximity to schools, etc. so there are many things that have to be looked at."

The draft environmental study will be released late spring or early summer for review. Tonight's meeting looks at the west options. It begins at six o'clock at the Renaissance Hotel at Greenway Plaza. Tomorrow's meeting looks at the east options. It happens at 11 am and again at 6 pm at the University of Houston Hilton.

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