The Front Row, 03/06/2007

Adam Zagajewski
We bid farwell to the distinguished Polish poet Adam Zagajewski, who is leaving the faculty of the University of Houston's Creative Writing Program after 19 years, to start a new adventure as a member of a University of Chicago think tank . . .

Poet Adam Zagajewski talks about his work and his 19 years in Houston. Poet Ed Hirsch joins him and TFR Producer Bob Stevenson for a discussion of the special event Without End, Bon Voyage Celebration Honoring the Houston Years of Adam Zagajewski.  Listen  Download 

Artists Michael Arcega, Mika Tajima, Currator Melissa Chiu and Blaffer Gallery Director Terri Sultan talk with KUHF's Catherine Lu about the exhibition One Way or Another: Asian-American Art Now.  Listen  Download 

Artistic Director Clinton Hopper and Actor Philip Hays of Houston's Nova Arts Project discuss the world permiere production of Hopper's play, Interior.  Listen  Download