The Front Row, 03/20/2007

Cirque du Soleil presents Corteo
Stages Repertory Theatre is currently presenting a stage-adaptation of the novel An American Brat. KUHF's Catherine Lu about the author of that novel Bapsi Sidhwa. We also talk with Richard Dagenais about the latest Cirque du Soleil production to play Houston. . .

Catherine Lu talks with author Bapsi Sidhwa about her novel An American Brat. Stages Repertory Theatre is currently presenting a stage adaptation of her work.  Listen  Download 

TFR Producer Bob Stevenson talks with Artistic Coordinator Richard Dagenais of Cirque du Soleil about Corteo. It's the newest of the company's traveling shows to play in Houston. Listen  Download  *Extended Interview*

Curator Franklin Sirmans is the newest staff member at Houston's Menil Collection. He talks with Catherine Lu about his first project, Everyday People: 20th Century Photography from The Menil Collection.  Listen  Download