The Front Row, 03/14/2007

Jennifer Wood, Suchu Dance Co.
Jennifer Wood from Suchu Dance Co. talks about her latest project while church music-director, pianist, organist, conductor and concert presenter Keith Weber plays excerpts from his upcoming recital on the KUHF Steinway. We also hear from Gregory Curtis, the former editor of Texas Monthly. He is the guest speaker at the next Artful Thursday event . . .

Jennifer Wood is the Artistic Director of Houston's Suchu Dance Co. She stops in to the KUHF studios with dancer Lindsey Thompson to talk with Catherine Lu about Drift Battalion. Listen  Download 

Music Director/Producer/Pianist Keith Weber plays excerpts from his recital, A Winter's Tale. It's the next event for the Listen Up! music series at St. Philip Presbyterian Church.   Listen  Download 

KUHF's Eric Ladau talks with Gregory Curtis. Mr. Curtis is the author of the book, The Cave Painters: Probing the Mysteries of the World's First Artists. Curtis is also the speaker at the next Artful Thursday event presented by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  Listen  Download