The Front Row, 02/26/2007

Dean Dalton talks with Barrett Sills and Rodney Waters
Today we inaugurate a new international chamber-music series that will present performances, not only here in Houston, but also in Mexico, as founder - Artistic Director - cellist Barret Sills and pianist Rodney Waters play selections by Schumann and Mendelssohn, live, in the KUHF Performance Studio . . .

Robert Simpson and Alan Austin of the Houston Chamber Choir and Ars Lyrica respectively talk about a collaborative period-instruments performance of the Mass in b-minor by J.S. Bach.  Listen  Download 

Artistic Director/Cellist Barret Sills and Pianist Rodney water play music by Schumann and Mendelssohn in Studio 3-C in anticipation of a concert presented by the new Camerata Ventapane.  Listen  Download  

KUHF's Catherine Lu talks with author Luis Alberto Urrea abou his novel The Humingbird's Daughter. Mr. Urrea reads tonight for the Imprint-Brown Reading Series.  Listen  Download