The Front Row, 02/01/2007

Professor Howard Pollack
Moores School of Music Professor Howard Pollack talks with KUHF's Chris Johnson about his latest work, Gershwin: His Life and Work. It's an exhaustive review of that uniqely American musical genius. We also talk with with author Cary Wintz about the Harlem Renaissance and hear from Zydeco musician Step Rideau, live, in Studio 3-C. . .

Professor Howard Pollack is the John and Rebecca Moores Distinguished Professor of Music at the UNiversity of Houston's Moores School of Music and also the author of a recently published definitive biography, George Gershwin: His Life and Work. He talks about Gershwin and his latest work with KUHF's Chris Johnson.  Listen  Download 

Roger Wood is author of the new book Texaco Zydeco and Step Rideau is the accordion player for the group known as the Zydeco Outlaws. They both joined KUHF's Bob Stevenson in Studio 3-C for a preview and discussion related to a couple of upcoming events presented by the Mukuru: Arts for AIDS series.  Listen  Download 

In Part 1 of a series, KUHF's Bob Stevenson talks with author and historian Cary Wintz from of Texas Southern University. They talk about the Harlem Renaissance and also Wintz's new CD/Book, Harlem Speaks Listen  Download