The Front Row, 01/03/2007

Castmembers of Main Street Theater's production of Urinetown - The Musical treat us to a live preview of the current production; we continue with Part 2 of our conversation with digital music guru Joe McKesson; and Karen Olsson talks about ehr first novel, Waterloo . . .

In Part 2 of their conversation, KUHF's Chris Johnson talks with Digital Music Consultant Joe McKesson about what McKesson refers to as "The Digital Music Renaissance". Today, Opera Joe suggests some ways in which classical performers and presenters can to take advantage of alternative media.  Listen  Download 

Castmembers from Main Street Theater's production of Urinetown - The Musical join TFR producer Bob Stevenson in the Performance Studio for a preview of the current production.  Listen  Download 

KUHF's Catherine Lu talks with Texas Monthly Senior Editor Karen Olsson about her first novel, Waterloo.  Listen  Download