The Front Row, 01/02/2007

Joe McKesson (aka Opera Joe) sings Pagliacci on MTV!
We begin our 4th year of the Front Row with the first in a three-part series of interviews with digital music specialist Joe McKesson. He talks with KUHF's Chris Johnson about how the digital revolution is affecting classical music, those who create it, and those who consume it . . .

'Cellist Barret Sills joins the Music Director Michael Lowe and the Houston Chamber Orchestra for a performance of the 'Cello Concerto in B-Flat, G.482 by Luigi Boccherini.  Listen  Download 

Joe Mckesson is a former opera singer, a musicologist and a digital music programer who, after working on the orignal iTunes team, is currently a digital music programer for MTV's URGE digital music store and a consultant for Music Giants. He talks with KUHF's Chris Johnson about the digital revolution and how it's affecting classical music in Part 1 of a series on what McKesson calls the "Digital Music Renaissance".   Listen  Download 
*Download Parts 1 - 3 of Opera Joe's interview*

KUHF's Meghan Hendley goes to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and takes a look at the exhibition Where Rivers Join the Sea: Photographs by Robert Adams and Marcos Zimmermann with curatorial assistant Marisa C. Sanchez.  Listen  Download