The Front Row, 12/21/2006

Marni Nixon singing on A Prairie Home Companion in 2002
Today, christmas music from the 18th Century as performed by the Orchestra of New Spain, Don Sanders, the "Dean of Houston Folk-Singers" performs in Studio 3-C and "Ghost Vocalist" Marni Nixon talks about her recently-published autobiography I Could Have Sung All Night where she chronicles her work as the singing voice of Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood and Deborah Kerr. . .

Grover Wilkins leads the Orchestra of New Spain in Zagalejo - The Little Shepherd, a christmas Villancico by 18th Century Spanish Priest and Composer Antonio Soler.  Listen  Download 

Houston folk-singer Don Sanders performs excerpts from his new children's/family CD El Mosquito in My KitchenListen  Download 

"Ghost Vocalist" Marni Nixon talks with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson about her career and her new autobiography I Could Have Sung All Night.  Listen  Download   *Extended Interview*