Texas Governor Rick Perry wins Re-Election

Texas Governor Rick Perry
Texas Governor Rick Perry wins re-election, but the news is mixed. In a filed of four candidates, Perry was re-elected with only about 40% of the vote. Houston Public Radio's Rod Rice reports.

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Perry only needed a plurality of votes, not a majority of votes to keep his job. He seemed to be aware of that last evening when he said he was addressing those who did not vote and those who voted against him.

"For the next four years it is my intention to serve you as your governor. To each and every person looking for a future that is better than the past, , whether you call yourself a Democrat, a Republican or whatever, for the next four years I will be your Governor. "

Perry said it is time for the acrimony of the campaign to end.

Perry ran his campaign on themes of school finance, border security, taxes and economic development and he stuck with those issues as he announced his victory last night in Austin.

"We will continue to invest in the classroom, we will continue to invest the resources needed to help secure our border, we will continue to rely upon jobs and economic innovation, not higher taxes to generate the revenues for our government."

Perry began his political career as a Democratic state representative but became a Republican as the political climate was changing in Texas, he won his first statewide office as Agriculture Commissioner. In 2000 he became the Lt. Governor and then filled the unexpired seat of George Bush when Bush became President of the United States. He won his first full term in 2002. He said talk of running for a third term is premature. For now he says the campaign is over and the work has just begun.

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