HISD Joins U-Promise Program

HISD calls it fund raising taken to the next level. The Houston Independent School District is now part of the U-Promise Schools Program. Houston Public Radio's Rod Rice reports.

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U-Promise was created five years ago to help families save for college. Parents, family and friends register their credit and debit cards with U-Promise and then each time the cards are used at participating merchants, the merchants donate to that family's college fund.

Michale Libenson says U-Promise is now expanding the program to help schools raise money.

"In our partnership with the Houston Independent School District, what we're allowing families to do is to join U-Promise and to contribute a portion of their spending to the school and potentially save a portion for college."

Libenson says all the information U-Promise collects is secure and not made available to anyone, even the participating school districts.

HISD's Leonard Sturm says when people join U-Promise they will be able to support select the HISD schools they want to support.

"If they've got more than one child they may choose to donate to two schools or more than two schools. In addition to that, if you have a grandfather or grandmother or some other relative or friend who is not in Houston but is out of state, they can get online and register through U-Promise and they can support the school locally."

Sturm says the money that comes from U-Promise merchants will be used for school activities that are often funded by car washes and door-to-door sales. To find out more you'll find a link to U-Promise at kuhf.org.

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