The Front Row, 08/10/2006

The Nova Arts Project presents Oedipus3
We spoke with the three people who each adapted and directed one of the plays from Sophocles' trilogy of dramas about the doomed hero, Oedipus. The Nova Arts Project's unconventional, contemporary staging of Oedipus Cubed is in performance at the Barnevelder Theatre. . .

Oedipus3The city's newest drama troupe, the Nova Arts Project, has mounted a production of the set of three tragedies by Sophocles that center on the plight of Oedipus, the King of Thebes who unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother. The Nova Arts producers matched up each of the plays with a different adapter-director, each of whom was charged with creating an arresting, half-hour version of his or her assigned drama. The resulting trilogy, Oedipus3, introduces contemporary and anachronistic elements into the dialogue, staging and design … sarcasm and Monty-Python-esque humor alongside the seriousness that lies at the heart of the stories … mime and modern dance … gender-bending in the costuming and casting … and a company of six actors who do not portray the same character from one play to another. Bernardo Cubria adapted and directed Oedipus Rex; Clinton Hopper re-wrote and staged Oedipus at Colonus; and Jenni Rebecca Stephenson took on the trilogy's finale, Antigone. The three scriptwriter-directors spoke with KUHF's Alison Young.  Audio here.  

Julia Olivarez The Neuromantic Quartet is a jazz group, led by singer, pianist, accordionist, and former stand-up comedienne, street-busker, and advertising copy-writer, Julia Olivarez. The band's visibility in the Houston area has been on the increase in recent months, with regular appearances at the Cosmos Caf? and at Treviso, the Italian restaurant in the Medical Center. Right now, Ms. Olivarez and Company are set up and ready to make music in the KUHF Performance Studio. Our in-house jazz aficionado, Eric Ladau, is with them.  Audio here.  

Scholastic Art and Writing CompetitionThis week we're showcasing five of the young writers from the Houston area who won national awards in this year's 83rd annual Scholastic Writing Competition, sponsored by the educational resources firm that publishes Scholastic Magazine and the U-S editions of the Harry Potter novels. 418 papers authored by middle- and high-school students in the Houston Region were entered in the 2006 contest. 117 of them received regional Gold Key first prizes, and 73 others won second-place Silver Keys. The Gold-Key-winning stories and essays from Harris County were then entered in the national level of the competition, and thirty-nine of those were awarded first or second-place honors. Janet Thielke, who graduated this Spring from H-I-S-D's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, won two national Silver Keys in the Competition, one for a dramatic script, and the other for her overall portfolio of creative work, a package that included her novel, Holy Waters at High Tide. She reads the first chapter from that book.  Audio here.