The Front Row, 07/21/2006

From the fine arts to something less than dignified, KUHF exposes listeners to everything from African Art at The Menil to the Stages Theatre production of The Great American Trailor Park Musical on today's edition of The Front Row. . .

Castmembers from The Great American Trailor Park MusicalTacky outfits, bad wigs, crude language, road kill, pink flamingo patio ornaments, and spray-can cheese. . .they're all there in The Great American Trailor Park Musical. . .this year's summer-fun offering at Stages Repertory Theatre. KUHF's Bob Stevenson grabbed his R.E.O. Speedwagon tee-shirt and a six-pack, and pulled up a plastic lawn chair in KUHF's Performace Studio alongside most of the members of the cast. Audio here.  

 For a photo album with more pictures from today's live session with castmembers from the Stages Theatre production of The Great American Trailor Park Musical click here.

Female Figure, Late 19th - Early 20th century NigeriaBeginning in the 1950's and accelerating in the 60's and 70's, John and Dominique de Menil assembled a collection of nearly 1000 works of African art, only a small portion of which has ever been displayed in the Houston museum they founded, and which bears their name. A new, temporary exhibition, Chance Encounters: The Formation of the de Menils' African Collection, explores the genesis of their acquisition of African art. . .places on view many objects never before seen by the public. . .and juxtaposes some of the pieces of African art with comparable works from other cultures and other eras. Alison Young toured the show with the Menil's Associate Curator of Collections, Kristina Van Dyke. Audio here. 

South Main Baptist Church presents King David This Sunday evening, the sanctuary Choir of Houston's South Main Baptist Church, augmented by vocal soloists, an orchestra and a drama troupe, will present a staged version of a piece -- variously described as a Biblical oratorio or a "Symphonic Psalm" -- Le roi David -- King David, by 20th century French-born Swiss composer, Arthur Honegger. The production was spearheaded by South Main Minister of Music, Thomas Coker, who will conduct. Rick Piersall, a member of the voice faculty at Houston Baptist University and himself a doctoral candidate at Rice University's Shepherd School of Music, developed the dramitc framewrk within which the work will be performed. They spoke with KUHF's Alison Young. Audio here.