The Front Row, 07/07/2006

Pianist Rodolfo Morales
Pianist Rodolfo Morales is the head of the piano department at HISD's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and also one of the faculty artists from the American Festival for the Arts who will perform tomorrow night at Ovations. . .

Michael RemsonThe focus in on chamber music during this next-to-last weekend of the 2006 American Festival for the Arts Summer Music Conservatory for 6th through 12th grade students, currently in session at Houston's Episcopal High School. Pianist Rodolfo Morales is one of the faculty artist featured on tomorrow night's AFA Faculty Shocase concert at Ovations. He'll perform the complete Piano Sonata No.7 by Sergei Prokofiev. Michael Remson is the Executive Director of the American Festival for the Arts. The both gathered in the KUHF Performance Studio for a preview of the concert and a discussion hosted by KUHF's Chris Johnson. Audio here.  

Main Street Theater presents Private LivesElliot and Amanda are the poster children for dysfuntional marriage. Tumult, passion, bile, absurdity, sarcasm and conflict - their realtionship was fraught with chaos, and divorce was the only option. Now, seven years later, Elliot is newly married to Sibyl, and Amanda has just been wed to Victor. And what should happen? On their shared wedding night, both couples turn up at the same french Honeymoon hotel. Destiny has thrown Amanda and Elliot back together again, and the fires of their romance are re-kindled. That's the set-up for Noel coward's darkly witty comedy, Private Lives, which opened last night in a new production at Houston's Main Street Theater. Clair Hart-Palumbo directed, and actor David Downing plays Elliot. They spoke with TFR Prodcuer Bob Stevenson. Audio here.

LeBeth LammersTomorrow and Sunday, the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft presents it's first annual ClayHouston Festival. 23 southeast Texas ceramic artists will be demonstrating their techniques and exhibiting and selling their wares. KUHF's Alison Young visited one of the participating crafts people, Lebeth Lammers, at her workshop in the Houston Heights neighborhood. Audio here.