The Front Row, 07/03/2006

Urs Fischer: Horses Dream of Horses
Swiss artist Urs Fischer has created 8 photographic collages and five brand-new sculptural pieces for the current exhibition of his work at the University of Houston's Blaffer Gallery. . .

Urs Fischer: A Place Called NovosibirskThe show, which he has titled Mary Poppins, after the children's book by P.L. travers and the very popular Disney film adaptation of same, continues his exploration of the ephemeral boundary between the real and the un-real, the actual and the artificial, and the fragility of what we might consider to be real.  Urs Fischer's Mary Poppins is the first exhibition curated by Claudia Schmuckli, who normally functions as the Blaffer Gallery's Director of Public Relations and Membership. She walked through the exhibit with KUHF's Alison Young. Audio here.