Jury Returns Guilty Verdicts for Skilling and Lay

The jury took about 32 hours total to return guilty verdicts for former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling and Enron founder Ken Lay. Houston PUblic Radio's Ed Mayberry reports. Aired 5/26/06 during the KUHF Morning Business Report.

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Ken Lay was found guilty of all six counts in the Enron fraud and conspiracy case. Jeff Skilling was found guilty of 19 counts, including conspiracy, 12 counts of securities fraud, five counts of making false statements to auditors, and one count of insider trading. The judge separately found Lay guilty of the four charges in a personal banking case.

Prosecutor Sean Berkowitz said the convictions send a message.

Prosecutor John Hueston also spoke with reporters.

But Ken Lay stands by his testimony.

Jeff Skilling's attorney Daniel Petrocelli hinted at an appeal.

Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio News.

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