Early Voting

Early voting for next week's runoff election is underway across Texas today, and there's some confusion going around about what state law says about voting in primaries and runoffs. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell explains.

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Harris County Voter Registrar Paul Bettencourt says every election year, going into the party primaries, he gets a lot of calls from people asking if they can vote in the runoff if they didn't vote in the primary. Bettencourt says the short answer is "yes they can".

"If you didn't vote in either primary..............and vice versa."

Bettencourt says those two independent candidates for governor who're circulating petitions to get on the November ballot are causing even more confusion, because, by law, people who vote in the primary can't sign a ballot petition.

"If you voted in either............after it's reviewed."

Bettencourt says the voter roll for the runoff has almost 1.9 million registered voters, which is almost as many as were registered for the Presidential election two years ago. Early voting began today and ends this Friday at 32 locations around the county, and eligible voters can vote at any of them, regardless of where their voting precinct is. There's a list of the locations, and a map, on our website KUHF dot Org. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.