Bolivar Parking Fee

Visitors to Bolivar Peninsula could have to pay to park on the beach. The proposed parking fees are intended to help maintain the dunes and beaches in Bolivar

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Visitors to Galveston Island already pay for parking along the seawall, and if they cross to the peninsula it may not be long before it will cost them $10 to park there as well. Galveston County Parks Department Director Dennis Harris says it would be an annual parking fee and vehicles on the beach will have to purchase a parking sticker.

"Visitors across the state, as well as residents, would be able to either go through our website once we get it set up to order these stickers. If they're there on the beach, we will have personnel that would one: be walking the beach, one: helping to promote the program."

The county is also working with area merchants to make the stickers available at gas stations and grocery stores. Bolivar's beaches are open to driving, but anyone who actually wants to stop and park would need the decal, including residents. The first year of operation is expected to generate about $200,000 in net revenue, all of that will be put toward beach clean-up and erosion prevention.

"We know that we're going to have to be lenient this first year, from the standpoint again, of promoting it."

The parking fee still has to be submitted to the state and will be open for public comment. If approved, it could go into effect as early as March, although Harris says they will start actively promoting and enforcing it around the Memorial Day Weekend.

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