Galveston County Gets A New Park

There's a brand new county park in Galveston County today. Actually, it's an old park that's been there a long time, but it was privately owned. The owner has decided to give to Galveston County.

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It's the 25 acre park next to the Texas Genco Power Plant on Galveston Bay between Kemah and Texas City. Genco has rented the park to Galveston County since the 1970s, but Vice President for Environmental Affairs Don McArthur says the park needed improvements the company isn't in position to provide, so they gave it to the county.

Galveston County Judge Jim Yarbrough says he's delighted to be able to get a prime piece of bay front property like this at no cost to taxpayers. Yarbrough says it's the only public park in that area, but he hopes to change that sometime soon.

The park is called