Skyscraper Rescue

Houston Fire Department emergency medical technicians had a re-union with a very lucky man this morning -- a man who survived cardiac arrest because his coworkers had access to an office sized Automatic Defibrillator, and were willing to use it.

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James Russom says he has no memory of that day in August, when his heart stopped beating, while he was at work on the 45th floor of One Shell Plaza. He just remembers waking up a week later - in the hospital.

Russom survived cardiac arrest because his office had a portable Automatic External Defibrillator. His coworkers followed the instructions, applied the paddles to his chest, and his heart started beating again. Fire Department EMS arrived minutes later and took him to the hospital, and Russom says if not for that defibrillator, he wouldn't be here today.

Houston EMS Director Dr. David Persse agrees, because cardiac arrest can happen any time anywhere.

Dr. Persse and his EMS staff joined the very much alive and very well thank you James Russom at a small reunion in Russom's office at One Shell Plaza today.