Bogus Flu Shots Cause Concerns

Authorities have arrested the owner of a home health care company accused of giving fake flu shots at corporate health fairs. He was charged with Medicare fraud after as many as one-thousand Exxon Mobil employees were injected.

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Fourteen residents of a senior living center also were injected with the bogus vaccine by a company owned by Iyad Abu El-Hawa. US attorney Chuck Rosenberg says officials want to know if other companies contracted with the defendant for similar services.

The investigation is continuing and other charges are possible. health officials say businesses should continue offering flu vaccination programs, but warn they do need to take basic precautions.

Officials are testing the syringes in question. preliminary tests indicate they were filled with purified water.the more than one-thousand Exxon Mobil employees who received the bogus shorts are being offered tests for blood born pathogens and counseling.

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