Delay Politics

Tom Delay's mugshot
Texas Republican Congressman Tom Delay's indictment and smiling mug shot are fodder for democrats, but only if they can seize the opportunity. So far, polls indicate the tide has yet to turn.

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Political operatives say those who staked their success on Delay are re-evaluating tactics for 2006. But despite his fall, Delay still attends leadership meetings. Austin Congressman Mike McCaul says justice will take its course.

Democrats are wondering, how they can seize the opportunity. Delay's challenger in the 22nd district, Nick Lampson was recently back in Washington attending two fundraisers. He says he won't use Delay's mug shot in his campaign literature.

His campaign has scheduled six upcoming fundraisers in cities across the country to capitalize on anti-Delay sentiment. Democrats recently took the unusual step of setting up a national fundraising committee for Lampson. Houston Democrats who are already in Congress, like Al Green, say their party has always championed the right issues.

But the Democrat's social security success was an exercise in blocking policy, political analysts point out that it wasn't a new idea. And a recent effort to increase the federal minimum wage just failed in the Senate. A new poll shows democrats in Congress have only a 32% approval rating. Houston Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

A spokesperson for the House Democrats says the party is crafting a new agenda with mayors, governors, senators and representatives to be unveiled soon.