Houston Area Added 82,000 Jobs In 2013

Prepared by Greater Houston Partnership Research Department
The Houston metro area led the state in job growth last year, according to the Texas Workforce Commission

Greater Houston added 82,000 new jobs in 2013. That’s a slight slowdown from the previous year. Patrick Jankowski is vice president of research for the Greater Houston Partnership.

“In 2012, we actually created 105,700 [new jobs]. That was phenomenal growth. We can’t expect to repeat that every year, but 82,000 jobs is still above the long-term trend. That’s a 3% growth rate, and long term we average about 2.2%, so we’re still doing fairly well.”

Dallas-Fort Worth came in at number two, adding roughly 67,000 jobs. Austin ranked third, with nearly 24,000.

Houston’s unemployment rate fell to 5.5% in December. That was the lowest level since December 2008, the month before Houston entered the Great Recession.

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