High-Speed Rail Between Houston And Dallas Is Getting Another Look

Another study is about to begin on the feasibility of putting a high-speed rail line between Houston and Dallas.

Three different entities are coming together for an environmental study: the Federal Railroad Administration, TxDOT, and a private company, Texas Central Railway.

A study last year by the University of Texas concluded that rail lines could be built along existing rights-of-way, either in medians or alongside highways.

Maureen Crocker with the Gulf Coast Rail District says as the state's population grows, airports will get more congested, and that could lead airlines to cut some of their shorter and less profitable routes.

"Which means there's really going to be a need for an alternative way to get to Houston and Dallas, rather than getting on I-45 which is already congested certainly in the urban areas."

But when it comes down to actually building a high-speed rail system, the big issue is funding.

"TxDOT has been pretty clear that the agency does not have the money to construct it as a public project, so if a private entity is interested and can come up with the financing, then this is a good time for everybody to come together and try to support that effort."

Right now it takes about four hours to drive from Houston to Dallas.

Rail proponents say a high-speed train ride would only take about 90 minutes.

Texas Central Railway video

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