Blowing Up The Dome This Weekend? Only Kind Of

The four towers to be demolished are circled in red. [Screen grab from Google maps satellite imagery]
Parts of the Houston Astrodome will come crashing down this weekend as work continues around the iconic structure.

A crew of about 30 from Houston-based Cherry Companies will be on hand Sunday night at around 9:30 p.m. to implode three of the four spiral concrete ramp towers that were used by fans to get into the Dome.

The fourth tower will be taken down without explosives because it's too close to Reliant Stadium.

Leonard Cherry owns Cherry Companies and says this job is quite a bit smaller than the recent Macy's implosion downtown.

"Comparatively speaking, it's small. We'll have a total volume of debris generated, square-footage of the structure and the amount of the explosives used. The total pounds of explosives here will be less than 200 pounds."

The implosion is part of ongoing work around the Dome to clean-up structures that aren't needed or used anymore.

Cherry says one button-push will bring down all three ramps at the same time.

"We expect we'll generate about 10,000 tons of concrete and steel. It's 100-percent recyclable, so all that material will go to one of our recycling facilities that will be reprocessed and repurposed for uses back here in the greater-Houston area."

He says a night time demolition is rare, but in this case necessary because of events at Reliant Park. The nearby 610 loop will be cleared for the blast.

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