Conference Discusses Ways To Reverse Downward Trend Of Global Investment In US

A two-day conference on reinvesting in American manufacturing continues today at the Omni Hotel.

In Houston, more than 12,000 workers earn a paycheck from an international company. Nancy McLernon with the Organization for International Investment says we are in a global economy, and it takes the rest of the world to make things in America.

"Companies use parts that are sourced in many, many different locations around the globe. And embracing the global economy and understanding that can make us be that much more successful in growing during a globally competitive time."  

McLernon says falling energy prices make the U.S. a more competitive location for manufacturing.

"In Texas, you could fill Reliant Stadium two-and-a-half times by the number of people in the state who work for foreign-owned companies, which we refer to as insourcing companies, investing in the U.S and employing Americans."  

The Reinvesting in American Manufacturing conference continues today at the Omni.

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