Music From The Movies,
Saturday, January 28th at 8pm

Johnny's Coming to Town!...This weekend we'll reair part of a series on the music of John Williams that lead up to his 80th Birthday, in celebration of his arrival in Houston next week at the Houston Symphony.

Johnny, as he was called in the early years, was an accomplished jazz pianist and session musician. His first real long-term collaboration (before Spielberg) was with Irwin Allen and his sci-fi series. Little did he know how far he'd go with Sci-Fi. But it was the late 60's and early 70's with scores such as The Reivers and The Cowboys that he would gain the attention of Steven Spielberg for his film The Sugarland Express. On part one of this series, we'll explore the scores that lead up to the Spielberg era. Tune in this Saturday night at 7pm, with an encore presentation Sunday at 5pm…only on Classical 91.7.
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Brad Sayles

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A Composer since his early teens, Brad Sayles has come to fulfill his promise by displaying his talents on many different sides of the medium of music; both live and recorded...