New Orleans School Relocates to Houston Church

A Houston church is now the home of a "school in exile" from New Orleans. A parochial school system washed out of operation by Hurricane Katrina has opened a "temporary" campus in Houston.

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New Orleans Episcopal School System headmaster Dub Brooks says this story started last Wednesday, with a call to an old friend, the Reverend Jim Nutter of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church.

Nutter helped by arranging to move their Episcopal school to Palmer Church, complete with about a dozen displaced teachers and headmaster Brooks. The word is getting around because displaced Louisiana parents are already enrolling their children, some of whom are getting the same teachers they have in New Orleans. Brooks says these children need stability in their life right now.

Palmer Parish Administrator Lisa Seltzer says Palmer says NOAH, the New Orleans Academy at Houston, will be open for as long as it's needed.