Hope, Help & Healing

Houston is one of two test cities for an advertising campaign in the war on drugs. The ads are the work of The Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

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They are the people behind the "this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs ads, arguably one of the most successful anti-drug campaigns ever. The reason for a new campaign, called "Hope, Help & Healing", is because The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is shifting its focus from prevention to intervention and treatment.

Paul Costiglio is Deputy Director of the Partnership. He says Houston is a test city in part because there is a need here.

That population of family and friends is targeted in one of the ads...

The ads end by directing people to the web site Intervene Now and with a toll free phone number (888.655.3328) answered by The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston. The Council's Michael Ganchan says several things happen when a call comes in.

This campaign shift away from prevention and toward intervention and treatment includes ads that remind us that addiction is not a choice but an illness.

These ads like all from The Partnership for a Drug-Free America were done pro bono by several agencies. The Partnership says other reasons it selected Houston as a test city are because the partnership has a strong partner in The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston, and because local media outlets have been supportive in the past.

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