New Website Aims To Rally Volunteers To Help Houston's Children Succeed

Steve Capper, president of "For Houston's Kids"
Community leaders and education officials gathered at Houston City Hall today to announce the launch of a new website that aims to connect volunteers with Houston kids. The idea is to reverse recent prognoses that paint a dark future for Houston's children.

Steve Capper, president of “For Houston’s Kids” says he’s worried about Rice sociologist Stephen Klineberg’s assessment that Houston is on the verge of becoming a Third World city unless educational opportunities for minorities are improved.

And that’s where the “For Houston’s Kids” website comes in.

“All kids, in addition to parents and family, need the involvement of a significant adult, a consistent, caring adult, who has a certain amount of competence, a high value on education and a high hope and belief in the future of that child.”

Potential volunteers can go the website,, and choose from eight different categories, such as educational assistance, health and nutrition, or family support.

“So they’ll take one of those categories and they’ll say for instance, 'Well, I’m willing to be a mentor.' All of the opportunities all over the city will pop up. They then enter a ZIP code based on the proximity of the area they’d like to work in, and only things 2 ½ miles from that ZIP code will then pop up.”

Starting next week, information from organizations and school districts will be posted on the website. Capper says that makes it a one-stop shop for people who want to improve the lives of children.

Also next week, billboards will go up all over the Houston area advertising the website.


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