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Why Fracking's Gusher Of Geothermal Energy Is Wasted

credit: Gulf Coast Green Energy

Geothermal power unit installed in 2011 in Mississippi
Across Texas, oil and gas companies have drilled thousands of new wells, bringing up millions of barrels of oil and vast quantities of natural gas. But something else has been shooting up to the surface: millions of gallons of water. Often times that water is very hot — which means it could be put to a very good use. But it's not. Here's why from StateImpact reporter Dave Fehling.
“In 2005, there was a great deal of interest in Texas geothermal. Since then there’s been a glut of natural gas on the market due to the advances of hydraulic fracturing. And that’s lowered the price of natural gas substantially and has made geothermal energy production less economically viable.”

—Jim Suydam is with the Texas General Land Office

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Dave Fehling

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