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How Oil & Gas Drillers Are Trying To Earn Creditability With Environmentalists

Over the next two years, the federal government will start enforcing new rules on oil & gas drillers. The rules require that the drillers use "green" technologies to reduce the loss of methane gas that comes up out of the ground when new wells are drilled. StateImpact reporter Dave Fehling has been looking into the environmental effects of drilling. He found that some companies are now opening themselves up to new scrutiny to prove what they’re doing won't hurt their neighbors.
“It definitely took some conversations with these companies to build a comfort and a trust level that this wasn't a gotcha exercise.”

—Drew Nelson, with the Environmental Defense Fund.

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Dave Fehling

Energy & Environment Reporter for StateImpact

Dave Fehling is KUHF's Energy and Environment Reporter. His reporting is a part of StateImpact, a collaboration with KUT in Austin and NPR...