Last Day To Register To Vote For 2013 Election

Today is the deadline for registering to vote. If you have plans to cast a ballot for mayor or help decide the future of the Astrodome, make sure you have your registration card updated with the address that's listed on your photo I.D.

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart is the county's chief election official. He says, "Today is the day! And also it's the last day to update your name so that it exactly matches your I.D. that you'll be using to vote with."

Which is important because this year, voters are required to provide photo I.D.s.

Stanart says,"Yes, you need to drop it in the mail today. It needs to be postmarked today. Now if you need a new voter registration card you need to get that from the voter registrar. But he has 15 branches around the county and I believe that you can probably download it from their website, also." 

At, there's a link update your registration. But if you need a new voter registration card, you need to visit one from the registrar's office. Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan has set up 15 locations to help.

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