HISD Walks Parents Through The New Online Magnet School Application Process

Parents of students who want to attend one of Houston Independent School District's magnet programs will have an easier time filling out applications. The district is rolling out a new online application that promises to streamline the process for parents and the district.

Every year, about 60,000 students apply to a magnet program. HISD has 115 magnet campuses.  They teach the basic curriculum, along with specialty courses, ranging from fine arts, to engineering, to medicine, and aviation.  

The district's Dennise Cantu says before now, parents had to visit each campus their kids were interested in, and fill out an application. 

"And now they can do that online. By a simple online application, a parent can apply to a maximum of 10 magnet programs without having to physically fill out an application at every single one of them. So that's going to be a lot easier and less time-consuming for the parents."

Cantu says paper applications will continue to be available. And filling out an application online will not affect the chances of a child being admitted. 

"So the first round of applications will be accepted November 4th through December 20th.  And we highly, highly, highly encourage parents to take advantage and submit their applications before December 20th, so they'll be part of the first round."

This evening, the HISD is launching a series of orientation sessions to help parents become familiar with the online magnet school application process.  The first begins at 6 o'clock at Burbank Middle School on Berry.  

Those sessions will be held twice a week at various middle and high schools through the first week of October.

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